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Springbank Evangelical Church

Springbank Evangelical Church is an independent body of Christians not under the authority of any other church or denomination. It dates back to 1920 when it was established by a group of believers who had in common a Christian background. Based in the heart of Campbeltown, we love and serve the community around us. Each Sunday we come together as a church to worship our Saviour. We sing songs, pray, read the Bible, remember our Saviour's death by taking Communion and listen to God's word. We have a small creche and have activities during the service for children of all ages.



The building in which we meet was opened in 1928 and is held by Trustees who are mainly responsible for upholding the church constitution, which includes Communion each Sunday. The activities of the church are under the leadership of Elders and Deacons.


The church building has been extended from time to time and is well equipped for the variety of ongoing activities. There is a Pastor’s office, a Quiet Room and kitchen and shower facilities to house visiting mission teams and the like. There is a large car park across the lane from the main entrance door.